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Families and friends all share in the shock, loss and grief of losing a loved one or friend. In the aftermath of an unexpected or tragic death of someone, people often find themselves unknowingly able to process and deal with their grief. There is no set time limit on the grieving process for anyone. For some it can take months for others it can take years, for others it may take a lifetime. To lose a person is such a terrible tragedy and it is heart breaking. There are no words in the English language to even describe the pain of losing a child or family member to the crime of impaired driving knowing that their loved ones death was 100 % preventable if only the impaired driver had made the choice not to drink and drive. Everything that a person knew, loved and cherished is suddenly and shockingly taken away, and families will never be the same again.


When there is an illness or a disease in a family to deal with, other family members and friends have time to prepare them mentally and emotionally for the impending loss. They have time to say the things they want to say in their goodbyes to their loved ones. Never having the opportunity to say farewell, only impacts the loss, and begins a long journey of dealing with pain and grief. In speaking with thousands of people over the last few years, we have learned that to lose a loved one to the crime of impaired driving is devastating.


Many people have told us that they wake up every day and face the pain all over again with each new day. It is the first thing that they think of in the morning and the last thing they think of at the end of the day. Every special occasion, holiday, birthday, Christmas, family get together they are remembering their loved ones. Whether it is the death of a child, a husband, a wife, a daughter a brother a sister, or a friend the loss is life changing for everyone. The ripple effect is felt from family, friends, coworkers, team-mates, the first responders, the Police Officers, and everyone in the Community.


It is also Canada’s loss of a person who had so much to offer the world. The loss of these people could have been our future Teachers, Doctors, Firemen, Hockey Coaches and many great Citizens of Canada. Our current laws need to change, and our Courts need to hold impaired drivers responsible for the severity of the crimes that they have committed in killing someone. These crimes are not a petty crime or a theft from someone, innocent people have been killed by impaired drivers who have made the choice to be irresponsible and have put everyone on roadways or highways at risk. Impaired Driving is the No. 1 criminal cause of death in Canada and it is a crime where the least amount of sentence is given out in our courts.



  • An average of 1250 - 1500 people killed each year due to the actions of impaired drivers

  • 4 - 6 people per day to an impaired driver

  • 190 people per day are injured by an impaired driver

  • In 2011 there were 1074 Canadians killed by impaired drivers and more than 63, 000 people injured

  • The cost to the Canadian taxpayers in 2011 was $84.4 Billion dollars

Families For Justice Society believes there needs to be deterrents in place to make impaired driving causing a death a more serious offence in the criminal courts then it presently is right now. We have recently seen a convicted impaired driver sentenced to a 1 month prison sentence to be served after killing a young man. We have seen minimal house arrests, and fines of $1500.00 for taking the life of 2 innocent young women in BC. The accused was given a sentence of seven weekends in jail for killing the 2 young women.


The accused had 2 previous suspensions from driving while being impaired before he killed these 2 women. We have seen sentence’s of $2000.00 fines for causing the death of an innocent people. With sentences like these handed down in our Courtrooms, it sends a clear message to the public that you can drink and drive and if you are convicted of killing someone you may receive a small fine or a very limited amount of time in jail. A sentence of a couple of weekends spent in jail isn’t much of a deterrent for killing innocent people. In 2010 4 young men were killed in Grand Prairie Alberta and the accused was sentenced to 3 years in jail. He was released after serving only 7 months in jail for killing 4 boys and leaving a 5th boy with a permanent brain injury. He served roughly 7 weeks in jail per boy’s death.


Recently an impaired driver in Nova Scotia received his 19th impaired driving charge. We wonder why he still has a driver’s license to drive. How many more charges will he be given before he may seriously hurt or kill someone while driving impaired? Over the last few years we see our Courts continue to give very little punishment to impaired drivers who have caused the death of innocent people. As it stands right now with all of the case law being referred to in the courtroom it isn’t the actions of the accused on trial anymore in the courtroom it seems to have become that the investigation is on trial and not the accused on Trial. We believe that in Courtrooms across Canada, their focus must be on those who continue to break the law, and that the accused be held accountable for their actions of Impaired Driving and impaired Driving causing a death. As a society we require stronger responses to new challenges, to help reshape attitudes about drinking and driving while being impaired. Families for Justice are working with the Federal Government to bring about new purposed impaired driving laws.


We hope that all elected Government officials will listen to the Citizens of Canada who are asking for tougher Impaired Driving Laws, and tougher sentencing laws for these types of crimes. We owe all citizens the commitment to stand up in making the streets a safer place for everyone. It is all of our responsibility to have laws in place in the Criminal Code of Canada to protect innocent people from being harmed.


Therefore, we are asking Prime Minister Trudeau, and all MP’s to see the urgent need to amend the federal laws, and vote to accept the Government Bills before them, and implement stronger laws to protect the public safety of all Canadian citizens. In accepting these two Bills, they will implement changes in the laws to protect Public’s Safety for all Canadians.


On behalf of Families For Justice, I encourage all Canadians to write to their Federal MP‘s in their City or Towns, and ask them to support the new legislation for tougher Impaired Driving Sentencing Laws. Every single person in Canada deserves the right to live their natural life, and to get home safely at the end of the day.

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