Who Are We....


We are a registered non-profit charity which was formed in 2011, to help and support families and friends living with the death of a loved one killed by an impaired or distracted driver.


We hope that you will find the information and support that you need, whether you have just received the news, or you have been dealing with a tragedy for some time, or you have family or friends are in the process of going through the Justice System.

We also welcome you all, and assure you that you have come to the right place if you are looking for compassionate understanding, and information or guidance with respect to the devastating experience of loosing some one.


Our Society was formed originally by Markita and Victor Kaulius, who lost their 22 year old daughter in May, 2011, to an impaired driver in a highly profiled case covered by the media.  From there the Kaulius's were contacted by many other families  across Canada, who had all lost a loved one, and were dealing with Criminal  Justice System.  Each person they connected with, told of the shock, loss and pain of loosing someone, and trying to maneuver through  very confusing court battles, that often left the families feeling no justice had ever come for the victims. 


From those first few months, the Kaulius's felt that there were many gaps in the services for people, and it the ways the accused drivers were being treated in court, and in their weak sentences.


We then set a goal to help make a difference.  The goal was to help the victims families and friends, and  work to lobby the Canadian Government to bring in changes to the Criminal Code and Sentencing. A Petition with well over 117,000.00 signatures from Canadians all across Canada, we have worked very hard with Provincial MLA's and Federal MP's, and currently have two Bills before Government right now.

In Order to Achieve Our Mission - What Do We Do:

The Mission of the FAMILIES FOR JUSTICE SOCIETY is to:

  • Educate, inform and increase awareness and offer support to people by offering information, support and advocacy to members, individuals and families;

  • Provide information and education to victims family and friends in the community at large; and to increase public awareness regarding the implications of Impaired Driving and the loved ones left behind;

  • Promote ongoing dialogue, stats and support with those in professional legal and policing agencies

  • Liaise with other individuals, groups, and organizations dealing with similar life changing experiences.



What specifically does the Society do?

In order to achieve our Mission, We:

  • Operate an Information phone line for Members and Non-Members calling for help and support;

  • Offer a Facebook Site for information and support;  https://www.facebook.com/Families-For-Justice-164459386985766/

  • Provide information free of charge for anyone;

  • Plan to provide community and support group contacts all across Canada for people to access help in their local area.

  • Attend appropriate events and promote awareness with the general public, educational and legal professionals and others

  • Organize the Families For Justice Cross Canada Petition , Presentations to MPs in the Federal Government; and ongoing attendance in Ottawa to follow Bills through each step of the protocol.